Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have done research and know now Jagdish Tytler is Innocent and a Sikh!

Harpreet here. I am a big time researcher and my relatives had been through the 1984 times of the riots. I had heard rumors talking about Jagdish Tytler, whether he was involved in the riots or not. So I have been doing research on the guy over the last 2 years, going into public records, interviewing people, reading reports. I found shocking things: I found out that the politics in India is really dirty.
At the time of the riots, the Congress party was in power. When Indira Ghandi got assassinated, people all over the country went crazy out of emotion. You know, like in America when there is a natural disaster or when there is an event that shakes a country, suddenly people go crazy and start attacking each other. As a Sikh, I feel very sad that there were massacres in 1984 when the country went crazy after Gandhi's death. It was an emotional time. But what was weird how people irrationally tried to pin the blame on certain leaders of the congress who happened to be in power at the time. A single man or a few men COULD NEVER have had the power to physically create a massacre. I found out through my extensive research that the hidden members of the opposing party tried to create a false rumor about Jagdish Tytler inciting mobs. The evidence always pointed out that Jagdish Tytler was with the Gandhi family and at the foot of Indira's body in vigil. The rumors were started by that opposing party for their own political agenda putting thoughts into our select Sikh minds and bribing poor sikhs with money to pin blame on a single person, so that the congress party would go down.. They picked jagdish Tytler as a scapegoat because a) he was very accomplished, beloved by the country, and likely to win elections and 2) people thought he was a foreigner because of his last name (thinking he was christian or something). There was never any evidence shown against him, but just rumors and money paid to people to propagate lies against this innocent man. Sadly this propaganda spread like wildfire, and it was bought by many uneducated people who couldn't understand the science of dirty politics. Destructive lies about a human being can ruin one's life and reputation, and once spread cannot be controlled or halted! I was shocked. But the most shocking news of all is that I learned that Jagdih Tytler is a real Sikh, but enemies would not let the massive Sikh population find out about this. His mom was named Dayal Kaur, and she raised him with Sikh values and read the Granth books every night to him, indelibly imprinted in his mind, and remaining in his heart.
He lost his father as a baby. So as he grew up, he met a mentor in school named JD Tytler who helped him out of the goodness of his heart. So out of respect, Jagdish Tytler took on his last name simply as an "ode" to the man. However, Mr. Tytler has always kept his up with his Sikh religion, prayers and values (he was influenced by Guru Nanak who's picture his mother gave him), he has helped us Sikhs and regularly visited the gurdwara. What shocked me the most were the wedding pictures I found in an old newspaper archive of his Sikh wedding in the presence of a Granthi (I have the pictures here!).
His Sikh values have been so important to him that he wanted a Sikh wedding. Wow! Now I realize why the rumors against Jagdish Tytler are so ludicrous. A Sikh, with a Sikh mom whom he loved so dearly, would NEVER turn on another Sikh ever! I found these pics. My research shows to me that Jagdish Tytler is an innocent man, and his life was ruined by rumors, put in the minds of poor people who were paid and bribed by enemies who were jealous of his accompishments and charisma. Tytler has always honored the sikhs, and their voices were always heard and validated by him. He is truly compassionate and generous. I realize this after having seen what he did for my motherland, India over the last 40 years. He even has the backing of a lot of Sikhs who know his true background as well as of the most loved Sikh in India in power who is Manmohan Singh. Let us all band together as Sikhs and defend one of our own, Jagdish Tytler. The 84 riots were created by all the individuals who actually did the killings themselves. They are responsible because of their own rage. Each person who actually kills does so with their own mind only (they are adults, not children who blindly listen to a person to do something bad). It was a sad time for which no ONE person was responsible. Let us ALL have peace. I now FIRMLY believe Jagdish Tytler is innocent after all my research, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to Mr Tytler if I ever listened to the propaganda created against him. I was ignorant of the real truth! I am glad I found out the truth for myself. I would like to personally talk to Jagdish Tytler and recruit him to help Sikhs in our country and around the world. He is one of our own after all. Wahe Guru. Harpreet S.